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Our Stock Market Simulator allows you to test your technical analysis skills against real historical stock market data. We generate a random stock chart from the past year and you can analyze the chart and decide if you want to buy or sell the stock. If you think the stock will rise, then click the "Buy" button to buy it. If you think a stock will fall, then you click the "Sell" button and a make profit on the fall price. If you don't like a certain pattern, you can click on the "New Trade" to skip the trade and generate a new pattern. You can also click the View button to see how a stock will perform without buying or selling the stock. We will give you $100,000 play money to start with, and you can reset your amount by clicking on the "Reset" button. You can study a chart on a day to day basis by selecting "1" on the day list which is set by default, or however amount of days that you would like to buy or sell. If the chart does not fit on your screen and you find that scrolling up and down is inconvenient, please click on the Full Screen link which will show the chart as full screen.

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Account Value: $100,000.00
Entry Price: $70.87
Current Price: $70.87