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Welcome to! We provide free technical stock screener to help traders maximize their investment profits. Our technical stock screener scans for popular technical indicators such as moving average, exponential moving average, macd crossover, stochastic crossover, RSI scan, candlestick bullish and bearish patterns, volume and price crossovers, on balance volume indicator, average true range (ATR), Commodity Channel Index (CCI), bollinger band crossover, Money Flow Index (MFI), Force Index, Accumulation Distribution Line (ADL), Average Directional Index (ADX), Directional Movement Index(DMI), William %R Overbought & Oversold Screener, and so on.

There are a set of parameters and patterns that you can use to scan for the latest patterns that interest you, helping you to decide what to buy for the next day. You can also view historical patterns so that you can study and backtest the result. More technical indicators and patterns are constantly being added to improve our system.

Technical Stock Screener

Candlestick Stock Screener

Bullish Engulfing Pattern
Bullish Harami Pattern
Inverted Hammer
Three Outside Up
Three Line Strike
Piercing Pattern
Above Stomach Pattern
Hammer Pattern
Morning Star Pattern
Three White Soldier
Bullish Side By Side
Last Engulfing Top
Bullish Kicker Pattern

Price Stock Screener

Price >= & <=

Volume Stock Screener

Volume >= & <=

Simple Moving Average / SMA Crossover Stock Scan

& Crossover

Exponential Moving Average / EMA Crossover Stock Scan

& Crossover

Macd Crossover Stock Scan

RSI Stock Scan

Value Between &

Stochastic Crossover Stock Scan

Value Between &

Gap Up Stock Screener

Average True Range / ATR Stock Scan

ATR is increasing for Days

Stock Trend Stock Scan

Stock price are going for Days

Commodity Channel Index / CCI Stock Scan

Daily CCI Value Between &

Lower / Upper Bollinger Band Stock Scan

Lower Bollinger Band Crossover Pattern
Upper Bollinger Band Crossover Pattern

Money Flow Index / MFI Stock Scan

Daily MFI Value Between &

Percentage Price Oscillator / PPO Crossover Stock Scan

Adx Crossover Stock Screener (+DI Crossover -DI) / Directional Movement Index(DMI)

ADX Value >=

William %R Stock Screener

William %R Value >= & William %R <=
for consecutive days

Accumulation Distribution Line / ADL Stock Scan

Adl is increasing for Days

Force Index Stock Scan

Force Index is increasing for Days

To combine multiple technical indicators, please use our advanced stock screener.
Our technical stock screener is available for free on iPhone and android market that you can use on your mobile phones.

Stock Screener for iPhone.
Stock Screener for android.