Overbought Stocks

Overbought stock screener to scan for a list of the most overbought stocks trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. The overbought stocks list is scanned based on technical indicators rather than company fundamentals. Therefore, this list is intended to be used by short term swing traders rather than long term investors.

Most Overbought Stocks

The most overbought stocks list updates automatcially each day after market close. Overbought stocks is a good leading indicator to find profitable trade setups.


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Symbol Open High Low Close Volume % Stock Prediction
CEMI 7.12 7.27 6.31 6.81 1593100 -4.89% CEMI Buy or Sell
FTSV 95.42 95.44 95.41 95.43 554100 -0.01% FTSV Buy or Sell

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