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Short Stock Screener

Filter and scan for bearish, cross down, or decreasing volume and volatility stocks for shorting setups.

Enter Stock Symbol:

1. Bearish Candlestick Scan

Bearish Reversal Patterns
Bearish Engulfing Pattern
Hanging Pattern
Dark Cloud Pattern
Bearish Harami Pattern
Evening Star Pattern
Bearish Kicker Pattern
Shooting Star Pattern

Bearish Simple Moving Average / SMA Crossdown Scan

& Crossdown

Bearish Exponential Moving Average / EMA Crossdown Scan

& Crossdown

Bearish Macd Crossdown Scan

Bearish Relative Strength Index / RSI Scan

Value Between &

Bearish Stochastic Crossdown Scan

Value Between &

Bearish Average True Range / ATR Scan

ATR is decreasing for Days

For more technical stock scanners, and combime multiple technical indicators, check out our advanced stock screener.

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