How To Trade Stocks

The focus of this website is to teach you how to trade stocks. There are people who make millions trading stocks, and there are others who go bankrupt trading stocks. Trading doesn't require a PHD degree nor does it require you to be smarter than others. Anyone has the same chance to beat the stock market if they are disciplined and hard working. You must be willing to learn the basics before trading stocks. You need to learn how the stock market works and how people make money and lose money trading stocks.


Learn How To Trade Stocks

As an individual trader, you need to learn the basics of stock trading and how to gain an edge in the the stock market. Most people lose money in the stock market because they don't learn. They listen to guru's tips, speculate or trade blindly. These people may get lucky on one or two stocks but they will eventually lose everything. In order to trade stocks successfully, you need to learn technical analysis and how to read stock charts.

Technical Analysis is what traders use to predict the stock price. It is based on the theory that history will repeat itself and form patterns that traders can recognize and profit from. Technical Analysis is the method that many traders use on Wall Street and many make millions each and every year.


How the stock market work

In stock trading, one person's gain means another's loss. For example, you buy a stock for $10, wait a few weeks and sell the stock for $12. You just made  20% of profit by buying and selling that stock. Now, the guy who sold you the stock just lost 20% because if he hadn't sell you the stock for $10, he can now sell them for $12 a share. In other words, you are competing with other traders and trying to take money from their pockets. However, this is not the whole equation. Then there are market makers and stock brokers who charges a commission whenever you trade a stock. For instance, if you are using Scottrade as your stock broker, you pay $7 for each transaction or $14 for a round trip. Each retail trader has an unfair disadvantage because you have to pay this fee weather you make money or lose money for each trade.


How to beat the stock market

As you have already learn, stock market is not an easy game. In order to beat the stock market, you must learn how technical analysis work. You can start with these top stock trading books


Free Trading Seminars

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