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Stock Trading Software

The following is a list of useful stock trading software for traders. 


MarketClub - This trading software combines stock scanning, charting and stock alerts into one system. MarketClub has a platform for the stock market, forex, futures and mutual funds. Also, the software can be use to find profitable trade setups for different time frame. For day traders and swing traders, you can scan the market by daily and weekly signals whereas long term traders can use the monthly signal. Check out this MarketClub Review for more details.


TradeMiner - This trading software is nice at identifying seasonal stocks and market cycles. For example, you can easily find out what stocks are performing well during January in the past years or any other month. This gives you an advantage in swing trading because you can narrow down your watchlist based on which month you are in.


Optionshouse Virtual Trading - Optionshouse is an online stock broker where they offer a great virtual trading platform for traders who want to practice their skill before they start trading with real money. The virtual trading platform is the same as their live system except that you won't be use real money. The rate for real trading is $4.95 per trade which is cheaper than many online brokers. To use their virtual trading platform, you will need to open an account with them.


Stock Screener Apps

Our technical stock screener is available for free for both iPhone and Android. You can use it to find trade setups based on technical analysis and stock chart patterns.

Stock Screener App for iPhone

Stock Screener App for Android