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Stocks Trending Up

The following stocks are in my watchlist because they are trending up today. MSFT and AAPL are two stocks to hold for the long term, but the focus of this article will be about short term swing trading. EEM and XLU are both trading at the lower end of the trend line, and are the two stocks that I'm most interested in. The goal is to wait for positive confirmation tomorrow and get in a trade with one of the stocks. The stop loss will be below the trend line and the target price is 5%. Since these stocks are on an uptrend, it is reasonable to hit our target price within a few days if things go well in our direction. 

MSFT is near its previous high, so the stock would need to make a breakout in order for it to go further up. If I do decide to trade this stock, my holding period will likely be longer than a few days.

PFE is on our trending stock list for a few days now, and the stock just keeps going higher since. The stock just made a breakout today, and I'm bullish on this stock although I expect it to pull back tomorrow or for a few days for profit taking. 

AAPL is a the biggest company in the world by market cap and is a stock to hold for the long term. However, it seems the stock may be consolidating in the $110 range for the next couple days. A breakout is require if I were to trade this stock for the short term.

As I stated above, both EEM and XLU are trading on the lower end of the trend line, so I will likely trade these two stocks tomorrow.

To get a complete list of trending stocks, check out our main page. You can also read how to trade trending stocks to learn more about trend trading.