Trading Strategies

Learn how to swing trade stocks and start making money in the stock market.

Stock Market For Beginners

Learn the basics about the stock trading and how the stock market works.

How Technical Analysis Work - Learn what technical analysis is and why is it important
How Candlestock Patterns Works - Candlestick is a very useful charting techniques to find profitable trade setups
How To Trade Stocks - Learn the basic of stock trading
How To Analyze A Stock - Learn how to find stocks to trade and how to analyze a stock symbol
How To Paper Trade - For stock market beginners, it is important that you start with paper trading so that you don't lose money while learning about the stock market.
Types of Technical Indicators - Learn the different types of technical indicators and how to apply them to trade stocks.
How To Trade Simple Moving Average - Learn about moving averages and how they generates a bullish trade setup
Support and Resistance - Learn to identify support and resistance so that you know when to get into a trade and when to exit a trade.
How To Trade Channels - Learn to use channels to enter and exit a trade
How To Use Volume To Trade Stocks - Volume is an extremely important indicator that every technical analysts should utilize.
Top 10 Trading Books - These are the 10 best technical analysis books that every trader should read.
How to read candlestick charts - Candlestick patterns are very useful for finding trade setups, and they give bullish, bearish as well as trend reversal signals.
Stock Analysis - Learn how to analyze a stock, and use tools to help you out.

Intermediate Trading Strategy

Cycle Trading - Stock market are just like our economies where they are going up and down in cycles.
How To Trade Oversold Stocks - Learn to recognize trend reversals and jump on a trend early with oversold stocks.
How To Trade Breakout Stocks - Breakout stocks are very profitable, but make sure you stay away from the false breakouts.
How To Trade MACD Crossover - MACD is a popular technical indicator that many traders incoporate into their trading methods.
How To Trade Head and Shoulders Pattern - This pattern is used to identify the peak of a trend, and tells you when to be cautious when you see this pattern forming.
Uptrends Downtrends and Trend Lines - Learn how to draw trend lines for buy and exit setups
How To Trade Triangle Patterns - Triangle pattern can be very lucrative when you spot it early on.
How To Trade Doji - Doji offers early reversal signals when a stock is on a downtrend, and give warnings when it occurs on an uptrend.
How to Trade Bullish Engulfing Patterns - Bullish Engulfing is a very strong signal when it occurs on a downtrend. It signals a reversal is on the way.
How To Trade Bearish Engulfing Patterns - Bearish Engulfing is the opposite of Bullish Engulfing pattern where it gives you warning that an uptrend may be ended.
MarketClub Reviews - This is one of the best trading software to find profitable stocks. It comes stock scanning, alert and charting into one trading platform.
Candlestick Patterns - This is the pattern that every trader should learn as it is much clear how a stock chart is going than bar charts.

Swing Trading Strategies - Learn the trading strategies that short term traders use to make profit.

Advanced Trading Strategies

How To Scan For Stocks - Manually searching for stocks take forever. Learn how to search and filter the stock market quickly using a stock scanner.
How To Short Stocks - Learn how shorting stocks can make you profit.
How To Trade Penny Stocks - Penny stocks are high risk and high reward, learn how to increase the chance of winning and lowering your risks.
How To Trade Divergence Pattern - Divergence pattern is a leading technical indicator that often gives traders early signals of a trend reversal.
How To Trade Crossover Patterns - Crossover patterns generates a bullish trade setup.
How To Trade Double Tops and Bottoms - Learn how to recognize the double tops and bottoms and how traders use it to make profit.
How To Trade Triple Tops and Bottoms - This pattern is similar to double tops and bottoms with stronger signals.

How To Use Stock Screener

Moving Average Crossover Scan
Stochastic Screener
RSI Screener
Candlestick Scan

Stock Market Fundamentals

Stock Market Terms - Learn the words and their meaning that investors and traders use.
How To Invest In Stocks - Learn the basics of the stock market
Trading Psychology - Trading psychology is even more important than trading strategies if you want to success in the long term.
Stock Broker Commissions - Learn how stock borkers charge you for commissions and trading slippage.
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Learn Technical Analysis
What is Technical Analysis
How To Trade Technical Analysis
Fundamental Analysis Investing
Learn Fundamental Analysis
How To Value a Company
What is Moving Average
What is Investment Banking
5 Steps to Trading Success
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Stock Market for Beginners
Best Technical Indicators
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